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Student-Curated Packages Deliver Care and Connection

SendingSun offers modern, unexpected, and cheerful monthly care packages for college students

Parents and grandparents as well as other relatives, caretakers, and friends now have a unique way to stay connected and show their support for the college students in their lives. SendingSun care packages are anything but typical, and students and their loved ones are wild about them.

“SendingSun is a fun and cheerful way to keep connected with your college student,” says founder Tracy Schactman. “We send monthly care packages that overflow with quality, unique, and fun items they’ll love, packaged with a beautiful and modern touch — including your personal messages.”

They offer semester and full academic year purchasing options.

How does SendingSun ensure college students will love what’s inside?

The contents are carefully curated… by other college students! Tracy has a team of student curators across the country who identify the most on-trend, craved, must-have, and playful items that college students want to receive.

“Students love receiving packages from home,” says Tracy — mother to a college student herself. “SendingSun boxes overflow with unexpected items that vary each month. They’re sure to make your student smile… and just might inspire them to call!”

SendingSun care packages include:
* The highest quality items, curated by college students for college students.
* 6 - 8 unique items in every package.
* Memorable, modern hand packaging; many students save the box for keepsakes.
* Personal notes: your message, hand written by the SendingSun team.
* Delicious cookies and taffy are always included — enough to share.

What’s so unique about SendingSun care packages?

“Our modern, high-quality products are directed specifically for college students, both young men and young women,” says Tracy. “We have student curators who help select every product in the packages. We also include hand-written notes from the sender. Plus, we offer vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free options. Each box is overflowing with a mix of quality goods that will bring a smile or laugh, inspire, look festive in their space, support their self-care, and other useful (but always cool) items.”

Paying It Forward: The “Make a Day” Initiative

Through their Make a Day initiative, SendingSun provides fun and memorable care packages to foster teens waiting for their forever family. They send one care package for every 10 subscriptions they receive, and they also have an option at checkout where patrons can opt to share additional support if they choose.

“We're setting out to help families keep connected in a personal, affordable, and happy way,” says Tracy. “And, while we are at it, we’re also sharing goodwill and cheerful care packages with kids in need. We prioritize giving back through our collaboration with the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, using a portion of our profits to provide cheerful and fun care packages for teens in their foster and adoptive care program. If you'd like to join us to share good wishes, a small contribution at checkout will help us brighten the day for even more foster teens. 100% of your donation goes directly to packages for kids in this program.”

Download Tracy Schactman’s One Pager.

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